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Apr 14 2011

Three Of The Best Love Handle Exercises

One of the most important ways of getting rid of love handles is changing your diet. There’s some helpful tips to keep in mind when your trying to lose the belly fat. Try reducing your sodium intake because sodium adds water retention. Eating healthy, clean food such as fruits and vegetables. Reduce your alcohol intake and drink plenty of water, which helps to metabolize your stored fat.  Eating the protein in eggs helps your body burn stomach fat, and will quickly help remove love handles fat. Keep in mind to eat just the egg whites if you’re trying to cancel out the extra fat count in the yolk. Getting enough sleep at night, and keeping your stress levels down are also very good tips. When your stress levels rise, your body releases a high level of hormones and a fat composition that sets around the belly area.

Planks are considered one of the best stomach, and love handles exercises. They tone up and strengthen the abdominal muscles, hips, and back. While working on your planks you’ll want to remember to tense up your abdominal muscles. Stay concentrated, and be aware of your obliques and midsection. Adding resistance to your work out routine is always beneficial, no matter which routine you’re doing be sure to remember that adding weights  will help with the contractions of your muscles and your core area. There are many different ways of doing planks.

Side Planks

Great for the sides. You’ll want to start off with putting yourself in an all fours position. The same position as if your doing push-ups, holding yourself up by the front portion of your feet and your arms  extended straight down in front of you towards the floor. Flip to your side holding your body weight up with one arm. If this is too extreme for you then you should try placing one leg in front of the other for more balance. Also you can rest your forearm on the floor bending your elbow for easier support. With the arm that you aren’t using to hold yourself up with,  reach down underneath your side and then extend it back up straight towards the air. Keeping in mind your going to want to keep your entire body and core straight. Repeat this exercise in multiple reps, and then switch sides.

V Twist

Sit on the floor and elevate your legs up in the air either straight for more en tensity or bent slightly. Keep your upper torso elevated up and hold yourself with your arms positioned in front of you. While keeping that balance you can either hold a ball with your hands or keep them close together and sway them from each side of your body. Keeping the rest of your body straight as you twist the upper part of your body to each side, you should feel the work out in your obliques. Another way of doing this laying on the floor, keep your legs bent at the knees keeping your feet planted flat on the floor. Peel yourself up some and stretch your arms straight to your sides, staying straight and firm, reach each hand to each heel and alternate.

Full Arm Extensions

These are considered more extreme. Put yourself in the position as if your going to do a push- up. Keep your feet closer together for a more effective routine or spread them out some for more balance. Holding yourself up with your straightly extended arms down in front of you. Lift one arm up straight in super-man position and then bring it down and lift the other. Keep switching arms at the a comfortable but fast pace. The Criss Cross Plank is the same position but instead of using your arms, you’ll want to keep them holding you up straight. Take one leg and bend your knee inward up towards your stomach, place it back down and switch to the other leg and do the same, keep alternating your legs while keeping yourself steady and straight. Pick up speed as desired.

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